As your partner I ensure you’re not just surviving the tax season - you’re mastering it.

lisa silva

Lisa’s journey into tax management was born out of her own experience. Like most individuals and business owners, she understood that navigating the maze of tax laws could be overwhelming. The time and energy spent deciphering complex regulations can easily shift focus from your primary goals.

to alleviate your stress around taxes so you can focus on what truly matters - your life and your work.


One thing about Lisa is certain; she never rests on her laurels when it comes to being up-to-date with the ever-changing world of tax laws. Whether it’s new regulations or alterations to existing ones, Lisa is always ahead of these developments.

Taxes by Design is not merely about crunching the numbers; (though that’s where Lisa truly excels!) it's about helping you manage your financial responsibilities effectively so you can focus on what you do best. When tax season arrives or appears daunting at any moment, Lisa is here to alleviate that burden for you, provide peace of mind, and assist you in retaining more of your hard-earned money.

Lisa has a diverse background in preparing tax returns for a range of clients: small service businesses, real estate investors, stock option recipients, and high net worth individuals alike. Her mission is to keep as much money as possible where it belongs - with you or within your business.

At Taxes by Design, planning isn’t just important – it’s paramount. It’s about laying out potential scenarios with projected outcomes and guiding clients through them so they can make informed decisions. Doing this ensures filing becomes an afterthought; no surprises - just timely and accurate tax return files every time.

Approachability is at the heart of how Lisa works. She treats everyone who walks through her door (or lands in her inbox) with equal care and attention because she believes in delivering nothing less than excellence. To ensure things are straightforward for you, she explains everything in terms that make sense so that the ‘why’ behind everything is crystal clear.

yuli m.

"Lisa has helped us with our tax returns for many years. She implemented strategies to reduce our tax liability, and is always friendly and professional. Lisa is ethical and looks out for our best interests." 

team members

the taxes by design

Suzi has worked many years as a tax administrative professional.  Her attention to detail, organization, and sunny disposition keep the office running smoothly and cheerfully.  Since joining Taxes By Design, Suzi has undertaken QuickBooks Online bookkeeping projects in addition to her usual responsibilities.
Suzi lives in Morgan Hill with her family.

Suzi Kirk, office manager

Kim has worked for 30 years in tax compliance since receiving her accounting degree.  With broad exposure to individual and business entity compliance while working for a multinational firm, Kim eventually specialized in high-tech corporate compliance.  She became a multi-state specialist when she moved into corporate accounting.  Since then, Kim has enjoyed working in public accounting in the south county with mainly small businesses and high net worth individuals.
Kim and Lisa have worked together for over 20 years.  When working in the office, you can often hear Kim humming along to her favorite songs while making sure tax returns are complete and accurate.

kim yamaoka, tax manager

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