Expert tax planning so you can focus on what really matters – your life and your work.

Not Just Accounting For Your Past

Designing Your Future

Tax planning and preparation can often feel like navigating through turbulent waters, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As an experienced tax professional, I'm here to turn your tax planning from a daunting burden into smooth sailing. 

With my insight, expertise, and personalized approach, I help you to understand your financial landscape better, enabling you to make informed decisions. Whether it’s optimizing your tax deductions, planning for future investments, or managing your business finances, I'm here to expertly guide you  through the process of tax planning and preparation.

Making Tax Planning a Breeze, Not a Burden

At Taxes by Design, we believe that you should be the captain of your accounting ship. 

Lisa Silva

As your partner I ensure you’re not just surviving the tax season - you’re mastering it.

We take pride in timely and precise delivery of your tax planning and filing.

Accounting That’s Accountable

Peace of mind knowing we navigate the tax maze for you so there are no surprises.

Simplifying Tax Complexity

A partner by your side throughout the year to plan and shape your future success.

More Than The Numbers

Reliable Accounting For Trustworthy Results

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Tax Design Essentials

Tax Optimizer Blueprint


Not ready for a yearly package?

This is a two-hour session where you’ll receive a comprehensive overview of your tax situation. It’s an excellent opportunity to map out the best plan for you when tax preparation time rolls around.

I understand that every client’s needs are unique.
That’s why I offer the Tax Strategy Quickstart.

Tax Strategy Quickstart


Annual business and personal income tax return preparation
Tax return review meeting
E-filing and electronic copy of tax returns
Tax projection & strategic plan
Estimated tax payments
Quarterly income tax projections
Ongoing email and phone call access
Federal and state tax notice assistance
Bookkeeping questions and year-end entries
Business entity optimization
Coordination with financial advisors, investment managers, etc.

Annual business and personal income tax return preparation
Tax return review meeting
E-filing and electronic copy of tax returns
Tax projection & strategic plan
One hour projection discussion meeting
Business entity optimization
Coordination with financial advisors, investment managers, etc.


To alleviate your stress around taxes so you can focus on what truly matters - your life and your work.

At the core of Lisa’s business is a simple philosophy: 

clients are saying

what our

jeff b.

I have used Lisa for over 5 years and have to say I have never worked with a CPA as good as her. I have referred multiple friends and businesses to Lisa because of her professionalism, quality work and most of all her knowledge about tax laws. I am a customer for life.

I have never worked with a better CPA

Sue s.

I met Lisa after using someone else to do my business tax returns for a couple years. Lisa has saved me sooooooooo much money, time and stress. She is knowledgeable, organized, smart, creative, and amazing and has the knowledge for whatever weird tax situation they are going through. 

Lisa is a wealth of information and knowledge

kim g.

I have been working with Lisa for a few years. She is very easy to work with, professional, and responsive. She makes it a point to really understand your business and make suggestions to improve your tax filing. Being a CFP, I understand a lot about taxes, but wouldn't begin to do them myself. I appreciate the relationship and am confident she's doing the best she can for me.

Lisa is easy to work with, professional, and responsive. 

Your Taxes by Design team navigates the tax maze, so you don’t have to.

MEET the team

choose Your Path

I'll offer advice on the perfect package for your needs. Simply share copies of your previous tax returns and any other important documents, so I can get a better understanding of your situation. 

Apply to Work Together

Send me your details through our online application form and I'll get in touch to set up a friendly chat. I want to make sure we’re a great match for each other.

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Begin Your Planning Journey

Once you’ve signed the engagement letter, I'll dive right into strategizing with you. I'll provide the expert advice you need to make savvy tax decisions and plan for the future.

Simplify your taxes and start strategizing your tax planning journey. My seamless process caters to your tax requirements in a personalized manner. 

With my guidance, you’ll receive the expert advice necessary to make informed tax decisions. Not only will you navigate your taxes with ease, but you’ll also gain the knowledge needed to improve your financial health.

Making taxes simple and savvy - that’s my business. 

Please get in touch to set up a friendly chat with me.




Small service business owner - get personalized tax advice and strategies to help grow your business.

Real estate investor who can benefit from our expertise in property accounting and tax planning.

Recipient of stock options -  we offer guidance to navigate the complex tax implications and maximize your benefits.

High net worth individual - I work in conjunction with your wealth management and estate planning team.

Aiming to expand your business - our strategic tax planning can pave the way for sustainable growth.

Individual who values relationships and upholds high integrity, our service philosophy aligns perfectly with your values, providing transparent and trustworthy financial advice.

A proactive planner - gain peace of mind with our forward-thinking approach to taxes, ensuring your financial health in the long run.

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frequently asked

Why does it seem like your fees are more than others?

I see myself as your tax ally, always making the time to discover tax savings for you and shield you from underpayment fines. Usually, the savings on tax alone far outweigh our fees.

Could I just use TurboTax instead?

Consider the time tax preparation might take away from other aspects of your life and responsibilities. What would your plan be if you received a notice from the IRS? Are you confident that your filing is accurate? Have there ever been instances where the outcome surprised you?

Do I need a professional if my tax situation seems straightforward?

Even if your tax return preparation appears simple, having a professional to answer your questions, handle any notices, and ensure you’re claiming all possible deductions and credits, can provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Isn’t your firm too small to handle my needs?

We’re small by design! This way, you won’t be shuffled between different employees and treated as just another number.

Do you work with clients remotely or only in person?

You’re always welcome to come into my office in Morgan Hill, CA, but in today’s digital age, with video calls and secure online document exchange, we don’t need to be in close geographical proximity to effectively work together.

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